Boho Chic, Farmhouse, Cottage Chic, Shabby, Rustic, Funky, Artsy

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Boho Chic, Farmhouse, Cottage Chic, Shabby, Rustic, Funky, Artsy, Eclectic Finds & unique vintage decor. Specializing in eclectic, bold, colorful painted furniture, shabby, cottage chic, farmhouse & unique vintage items.

What goes around comes around and so do my pieces...back around for a second chance! Your recycled item helps Save the Earth! Repurposed, reclaimed, recycled.

Home decor ready to serve a new purpose in its new life. Saving the Earth, one eclectic piece at a time,,,Casa Karma Decor.

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Boho, Farmhouse, Cottage Chic, Shabby, Rustic, Industrial, Man Cave, Steampunk

Recycling & transforming pieces is my thing! Since the 1970s, I have been rescuing items curbside & repurposing furniture. If it doesn't move, I am painting it! Recycling & repurposing is important to my family. Max, my son, rescues unwanted home decor, Max didn’t stand a chance hanging out with me! Visit Max's shop: & my second shop: since 2011.