Item collection il fullxfull.723768330 j5xc

Stop Sign, Traffic Sign, Dude Find, Man Cave Sign, Handheld Stop Sign, Crossing Guard Sign, Car Transportation, Automobile, Garage CasaKarma


Item collection il fullxfull.1037283602 g0pp

Man Cave Sign, No Parking Sign, School Bus Sign, Dude Find, Traffic Sign, Car, Auto, Transportation, Garage, Bus Sign, Maxs Uniquities


Item collection il fullxfull.483341778 6nxw

Assemblage, Tin Heart, White Heart, Door Hanger, Sewing, Seamstress, French, Brown, Collage, Burlap Decor, Handmade Gift, Rustic, Fabric


Item collection il fullxfull.800422755 tv24

Mirror, Vintage Mirror, Oval Mirror, White Mirror, Shabby, Pastels, Floral Mirror, Nursery, Baby, Wall Hanging, Rustic, Boudoir, Wedding


Item collection il fullxfull.617133277 64w5

Art, Vintage Art, Gesso Frame, Antique Frame, Picture, Gold Frame, Landscape, Color Craft Painting 1384, Frame, Vintage Frame, Oil Painting


Item collection il fullxfull.1017204708 ethm

Architectural Salvage, Furniture, Appliqué, Repurposed Wood, Urn, White Wood, Wall Hanging, Mantle, Fireplace, Accent Piece, Rustic


Item collection il fullxfull.434698604 hxba

Mirror, Gold Mirror, Carved Mirror, Wood Mirror, Handmade Mirror, Carved Frame, Beveled Mirror, White Mirror, French, Provincial, Casa Karma


Item collection il fullxfull.724811645 7lcp

Solar System, Boys, Boys Bedroom, Science, Planets, Space, Milky Way, Galaxy, Geekery, Nerd, Techie, Industrial, Science, Wall Decor, Art


Item collection il fullxfull.885548658 mt6g

Ballerina, Ballet, Framed Art SET, Dancers, Harlequin Dancers, Gesso Frame, White Frame, Dancing, Tutus, Classic Art, Regency Art, Fine Art


Item collection il fullxfull.850657794 i2sy

Faux Bois Frame, Vintage Painting, Framed Art, Faux Tree, Landscape Art, Picture, Small Painting, Painting, Vintage Art, Wall Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1031336530 jm5r

Vintage Art, Godeys Fashions 1853, Victorian, Oval Frame, 1850, Advertising, Framed Art, Colorized Art, Line Drawing, Yellow, Fashionista


Item collection il fullxfull.1063740487 s7zx

Wall Pocket, Brides Kiss Waltz, Sheet Music, Bride, Wedding, Wall Vase, Door Hanger, Flower Pocket, Metal Vase, Engelmann, Wall Vase


Item collection il fullxfull.1037281258 c4y8

Easel, Brass Easel, India, Ornate Easel, Gold Easel, Art Holder, Art Display, Picture Holder, Global, Made in India, Metal Easel, CasaKarma


Item collection il fullxfull.1032041006 br8z

Oval Frame, Frame, HOMCO, 3279 Frame, Margie Marrow, Birds Nest, Birds, Robins, Gold Frame, HOMCO Frame, Cottage Chic, Wall Decor, Art, Casa


Item collection il fullxfull.853456040 dtl6

Victorian Art, Florentine Art, Gold Frame, Italy, Lady on Swing, Framed Art, Pink Lady, White Frame, Classical Vintage Art, Vintage Art


Item collection il fullxfull.743722339 59lk

Vintage Art, Kolb and Son 841 NYC, Glass Art, Gold Watch Look, Wall Hanging, Watercolor, Framed Art, Colorized Art, Round Frame, English Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1065299385 af6p

Syroco Plaques, HOMCO, HOMCO 7225 7227, Diamond Plaques, Gold Plaques, Urn, Olympic Torch Plaque, Classical Art, Laurel Leaf, Syroco Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1098486237 3hbo

Heart, Pressed Tin, Heart Decor, Heart Wall Decor, Painted Heart, Pink Heart, Metal Heart, Door Hanger, Porch, Garden, Valentine, Home Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1049576388 2t4b

Table, Tilting Table, Folding Table, Art, Artsy, Black Table, Card Table, Mural Table, Matador, Horseman, Bullfighter, Furniture, Dining


Item collection il fullxfull.919197946 gbyz

Trowel, Masonry, Cement Trowel, Brickmason, Bricklayer Tools, Mortar Trowel SET, Assemblage, Rusty Tool, Dude Find, Steampunk, Industrial


Item collection il fullxfull.850120174 oj3h

Man Cave, Auto Manual, Book, Ephemera, Petersens, Basic Carburetor, Fuel Systems, Car Collector, 1970s, Bibliophile, Fix It, Car Repair


Item collection il fullxfull.823102096 6jk7

Shutters, Two Shutters, Aqua, Wood Shutters, Yard Art, Garden Decor, Outdoor, Porch, Window Shutters, Beach Coastal, Cottage Chic, Farmhouse


Item collection il fullxfull.776130630 933y

Metallica, Rocker Magazine, Raygun, Huh Magazine, BLUR Magazine, August 1996 Magazine, Hipster, Dude Find, 1990s, Ephemera, Music Zine


Item collection il fullxfull.877945267 72ex

Wedgewood Tin, Grecian Tin, Round Tin, Erato Plaque, Muse of Love, Greek Tin, Embossed Tin, Blue White Tin, Cookie Storage, Baked Goods Tin


Item collection il fullxfull.650652751 blcs

Iron, 1920s, Toy Iron, Pretend Play, Green Iron, Enamel Iron, Amson United Corp, Folk Art, Samson Steel, Rochester NY, Door Stop, Primitive


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Americanos Cigar Label, Cigar Label, Indian, Gift for Man, Guy Gift, Wall Decor, Americanos Indian, Cigar, Smokers, Smoking, Framed Label


Item collection il fullxfull.748378691 iy91

Man Cave Sign, F Letter, Letter F, Fire Department, Wall Letters, Fireman Decor, Federal Signal, Firetruck Siren Cover, Stainless Steel F


Item collection il fullxfull.893808937 hvzi

Frame, Metal Frame, Italian Frame, Silk Art, Print Fabric, Floral Art, Framed Art, Baroque, Hollywood Regency, Regency, Casa Karma Decor


Item collection il fullxfull.1066670590 d6ci

Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Folk Art, Primitive Art, Lifes Treasures, Colorful Sampler, Wall Hanging, Heart, ABC, Alphabet, Wood Frame, Pastel


Item collection il fullxfull.723687138 elgh

Sign, Emblem, Fireman, Firemen, Gift for Men, Letter F, Fire Department, V FD, Casa Karma, Wall Letter, Federal Signal, Initial, Siren Cover


Item collection il fullxfull.893808937 hvzi

Vintage Frame, Metal Frame, Italian Frame, Silk Art, Silk Printed Art, Framed Art, Baroque, Regency Frame, Made in Italy, Floral, Italy, Art


Item collection il fullxfull.490604559 5jvp

Retro Magazine, Singer Magazine, Book, Singer Decor Guide, Decorating Magazine, Sewing Gift, Seamstress, 1940s, How to Magazine, Ephemera


Item collection il fullxfull.300140461

Chair, Burlap Furniture, Furniture, Bentwood Chair, Artsy Chair, Repurposed Furniture, Funky Furniture, Decoupage Chair, French Country


Item collection il fullxfull.788797370 kss8

Train Set, Wooden Trains, Railroad, Boys Room, Choo Choo Train, Train Display, N Gauge, Train Decor, Box Car, Caboose, Train, Boys Bedroom


Item collection il fullxfull.1008505014 faog

Framed Art, Burlap Frame, Burlap Decor, Postcards, Stamped Burlap, Neoclassic Art, Vintage Italian Art, Shabby, Cottage Chic, Rustic Frame


Item collection il fullxfull.751798396 o51b

Vintage Frame, Framed Art, 5 x 4 Frame, Rustic Art, Picture, Wood Frame, Carved Frame, Farmhouse, Rustic, Ivory, Green Frame, Cottage Art


Item collection il fullxfull.1010077026 re7y

Vintage Art, Floral Art, Gold Frame, Marshall Field, Oval Frame, Vintage Framed Art, Raised Bead Art, Still Life, Earthtones, Oval Picture


Item collection il fullxfull.751812664 of1j

Polish Cards, Ephemera, Greeting Cards, Handmade Cards, Poland, Folk Dancer, Regional Costume, 1950’s, Poland Souvenir, Polish Costumes


Boho, Farmhouse, Cottage Chic, Shabby, Rustic, Industrial, Man Cave, Steampunk

Recycling & transforming pieces is my thing! Since the 1970s, I have been rescuing items curbside & repurposing furniture. If it doesn't move, I am painting it! Recycling & repurposing is important to my family. Max, my son, rescues unwanted home decor, Max didn’t stand a chance hanging out with me! Visit Max's shop: & my second shop: since 2011.